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I'm an aware optimist.  "Aware" because I choose it.  


I love improvements, helping to change businesses and cultures and processes and people.  I collect diversity, differentiation, and unique experiences. I seek out variety in everything I do.  I am nourished by the support of friends and family, with a mind like a sieve for detractors.


I get into things deeply, consuming myself with new ideas, books, and projects as a lifelong learner, because half the fun is that learning experience. I've been extraordinarily luckly and I'm grateful.


If you're looking for some other things I'm involved with, these links might help:

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Private equity

CloudCheckr is a cloud cost and security management platform for Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, & Google Cloud.

Exium Partners is a private equity firm I co-founded with a friend. 

The Rochester Angel Network is a organization and fund dedicated to early stage investing.  I'm a director on the board.

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